Sunday, July 10, 2016

This week's menu

gluten free menu

Monday- Swedish meatballs and broccoli
Tuesday- Chicken cacciatore (using Chrissy Teigen's tomato sauce that I hoarded and froze) and carrots
Wednesday- Sloppy joes and corn on the cob
Thursday- Black bean burrito bowls (with potato, edamame, and quinoa)
 Friday- Leftovers! Or we're going out to eat. Bottom line: I'm not cooking.

Have a good week, y'all. It's summer and it's hot and I'm thisclose to making sandwiches and/or salads for every meal to avoid turning on the stove. Because let's get real, the oven is not turning on because it doesn't work. But I'll give the stovetop a shot this week. In-between the crock pot and eating out.

I fully intend to join the gym at work this week, due to a straight diet of happy hour and tacos for the last few months. Not the best idea during swimsuit season, but honestly... it's more about the seaty roll discomfort than the bikini body. Priorities.

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