Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This week's menu

I suppose it's time to get back into meal planning. Not that I have much motivation, but I need to stop eating happy hour tacos for dinner. My waistline is starting to notice it.

Plus I'm working this weekend and I'm getting tired of trying to figure out gluten free-ish options at the cafeteria. I don't always win and crummy tummies are no fun.

So, here we go.

Wednesday- Chicken zucchini salad
Thursday- Ravioli + broccoli
Friday- Beef roast + green beans
Saturday- BBQ chicken legs + carrots
Sunday- Leftovers?
Monday- Burgers + beans + corn on the cob

Have a great week(end).

Thursday we have a dessert contest at work and I'm bringing this watermelon pizza, because I forgot my oven doesn't work very well and that kind of eliminates baked goods. Dope.

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