Sunday, March 5, 2017

This week's menu

gluten free menu

All right, back to menu planning.

After eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast my entire life, I've inexplicably switched to having a piece of peanut butter toast. Actually, there is a good explanation: I can eat it on the way to work, skipping the rushed shoving of cereal into my mouth before I leave the house, and it keeps me full longer.

I'm feeling uninspired this week, so we're having a bunch of standby meals that are easy to make and use on-hand ingredients. Like beans and canned tuna and the chicken in the back of the freezer.

Second breakfasts: Fruit and yogurt

Sunday- Black bean tacos
Monday- Tuna melts
Tuesday- Baked chicken + glazed carrots
Wednesday- Vegetable soup
Thursday- Pulled chicken sandwiches
Friday- Salmon + sweet potato + broccoli

Have a lovely week.