Monday, August 17, 2015

Crock pot bbq chicken

It's hot. It's still hot. It's going to be hot for a while longer.

When it's 100+ degrees outside, the A/C can only do so much. Cooking has become an event that literally has me sweating in the kitchen. I just can't do it.

Oven? Forget about it. Stovetop? Maybe. Toaster oven? For something quick. Microwave? Yes. Grill? Yes, but it's still hot out there and hubs has started boycotting as well. Crock pot? If you simply must eat something hot, okay. Sandwiches? Now we're talking! ...which is why I made sandwiches for dinner three times last week.

However sandwiches get old after a while and it's time for something with a little more dinner-feel.

gluten free crock pot bbq chicken

Enter crock pot BBQ Chicken. It's stupid-easy.

Step 1. Put chicken in the crock pot.
Step 2. Pour BBQ sauce over it.
Step 3. Cook on low until you get home from work.

Serve with coleslaw, salad, spiralized zucchini, or something you don't have to heat up the kitchen for. Because did I mention it's hot?

P.S. These leftovers make great chicken sandwiches. And they're good straight out of the fridge cold. Kuz it's hot outside.

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