Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fish Tacos

Last week's menu:

gluten free menu

was pretty much a funny joke. It was too hot and I was kinda sick so I had sandwiches and randomly scrounged freezer food. Except Thursday. Thursday I made fish tacos and they were DELICIOUS.

I got the craving from a magazine cover I saw in the drugstore. They looked so fresh, and I happened to have fish in the freezer and the last 2 corn tortillas in the fridge. I improvised the rest.

gluten free fish tacos
My punchy orange garage sale 25 cent placemats match the carrot :o)

Fish Tacos

Heat up a pan on the stove (I know, it's too hot to cook. but it's only on for a short while.)

Place a thawed tilapia filet in the pan and sprinkle with cajun seasoning. We like Tony Chacheres. Keep in mind that if you use a cajun seasoned salt, it's SALT and you can't overdo it. You're supposed to use it in place of salt, and use as much as you'd normally use if you were using salt. Some people can't get this through their heads and end up over-seasoning. Moving on.

Cook on each side for a few minutes until the fish is cooked. It will be white and flake in the thickest part when it's done. While it's cooking, shred some lettuce and carrot. Taditionally shredded cabbage is used but like I said, I improvised. Lettuce and carrot provided the necessary crunch and a pop of color.

Spread a little greek yogurt or sour cream on the corn tortilla, and top with the fish and greens. Nom away.

gluten free fish tacos