Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crock pot beef

Crock pot beef. It's what I make when I need a wholesome dinner and I don't want to fuck around. There are many different variations, but here's a basic guideline.

Before I start, if you aren't using crock pot liners, you are missing out. No, really. These are life-changing. Get some and use them often.

Step 1: Veggies. Chop them up into big pieces. Take this opportunity to use up any sad veggies that have been hiding in the crisper. Toss in a peeled garlic clove or two.

Step 2: Meat. Chop up your beef. Any cut will do; the crock pot part basically takes care of any tenderizing. I use literally whatever is the cheapest at the store.

Step 3: Liquids. Usually this involves wine. Red or white; whatever is open. I've also used chicken, veggie, or beef broth, or even water. Fill it up so that the level is just under the top of the meat. Or whatever. If you err, err on the side of more liquids.

Step 4: Optional seasonings.
Sometimes I make this plain jane, because I wanted the leftovers to be versatile.
Sometimes I also add in fresh herbs/ bay leaf, Worcestershire sauce, or chili powder. One time I even added fresh cranberries because it was fall, dammit.

The end result is: Dinner.
To thicken the sauce, stir cornstarch into a small amount of cold water, then stir into the crock pot.

Serve as a stew, or over rice.

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