Saturday, January 23, 2016

Healthy snacking

What? You're trying to eat healthier too? Welcome to the bandwagon.

In addition to simply NOT purchasing crap, I spent about 20 minutes this afternoon chopping up veggies and washing fruits. Because a handy snack is the one I'm going to grab. Plus some healthy-ish chips. Because chips.

healthy snacking carrot chips

It came in handy after a few glasses of wine tonight when the snackies hit. Usually I reach for the chips, but since the jar of sliced carrots was handy, I chose that instead as a vessel for my hummus.

healthy snacking carrot chips

Carrots sliced at an angle are kind of fun. For some reason I'm more likely to want carrots when they're carrot "chips" than when they're carrot sticks, or, god forbid, a plain old carrot.

healthy snacking carrot chips

The moral of the story is, if you're trying to eat more vegetables, chopping them up and having them handy beforehand is a really good idea. Especially if you're prone to wine-induced snackage.

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