Friday, May 1, 2009

Notta Pasta- Fettuccine & "pesto"

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Today the wonderful woman that I call Mom brought home some of this Notta Pasta gluten free fettuccine. Of all the gluten free noodles I've found, I have not tried fettuccine. I thought their website was really neat. It has a lot of recipes, and I signed up for the monthly recipe club.

You cook it up like any other pasta. I was super surprised at how great it was. It has a great texture and really cooks al dente well.

I fixed it up a little differently, as I was in the mood for something that would be lighter on the palate. I saw earlier this week that Gluten Free Goddess made some pesto pasta with meatballs, and the noodles look soooo good. They were my inspiration for this dish.

gluten free fettuccine
Sadly, my fresh basil had reached its expiration date and was growing some really great mold. I had to improvise with dried herbs to make a pesto-like thing (SOO not as good, but they worked well enough).

While the noodles were cooking I mixed some basil, marjoram, parsley, garlic powder, salt, pepper, a little bit of sage, and red chili flakes for a kick. I mixed that with a little extra virgin olive oil.

When the noodles were done I rinsed them with hot water, and tossed them around with the "pesto." I gotta say, it was tasty. I bet it'd even be good cold, too. I'm totally wanting it with sundried tomatoes now.

Anyway, if you haven't tried the noodles, I recommend them.

gluten free fettuccine


Lauren said...

Yum =D. Those noodles look really good, and the pesto sounds lovely!

Dana aka Gluten Free In Cleveland said...

I just bought some notta pasta the other day and have been eager to try it out!

Glad to know you liked it!