Monday, April 27, 2009


I have been a lazy blogger lately.

Yes, I have been eating. Somewhat cooking, but nothing remarkable enough to post.

I haven't been baking as much either. Stress usually fuels my baking binges, and to be quite honest I haven't been that stressed lately. I know you're thinking, "must be nice!" I have to say, it is. :o)

I also had to put my quest for the granola bar grail on hold because I haven't been able to find GF oats in my usual sources. Turns out, the distributor stopped distributing them in this area, so I have to wait until they find a new one. I'd buy them online but I can't justify paying the same for S&H as I pay for the product. Ridiculous.

In the meantime, here is a shot of my chili pepper sprouts. I had to bring them in during a particularly vigorous rain that brought some nice cool air through. I'm so proud that I actually grew something! I figured I'd try those, then work my way up to herbs and easy vegetables. I'm kinda liking this gardening thing. The seeds are so cheap and it's fun to watch things grow.

Like my festive paint job? I thought it'd be appropriate for chili peppers.


Lauren said...

Hey, we all get lazy, you'll get back to normal in no time =D.

mb said...

Guess you've seen the sneak peak from Starbucks in bloggerland... I can't beleive it will be there next week and everyone is so clueless... Thanks for the comment and enjoy your quiet time!