Thursday, May 21, 2009

Smoothie babay

I declare today "drink a smoothie" day. I've seen on tons of blogs something called a Green Monster. Don't really know what that's all about, but it seems like it's the new thing. Super healthy.

Even though I don't think I'm ready for full-fledged green smoothies, seeing them has made me want a smoothie. I even went out and bought a blender. Besides, it's hot outside and there's nothing like a cool drink to make it better. And, it's only going to get hotter.

The thing about smoothies is that you can put anything into them. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

What went into mine?

1/2 c. almond milk
1/2 c. cranberry & pomegranate juice
1 T. flax seed meal
a few leaves of fresh spinach (baby steps!)
1 c. frozen mixed fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)
1 T. honey

I put all the stuff in there, pushed liquefy, and watched it spin around. I always love how the contents "burp" when it turns off.

The thing I don't like about using raspberries and blackberries in smoothies is the seeds. They're annoying. I think a smoothie with peaches would be so delicious...

So this is your mission: drink a smoothie. At the very least I hope I've passed on this smoothie craving.

And I finally found gluten free corn chex in the store today! Oh, happy day.

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