Sunday, September 4, 2016


Currently: Enjoying the long weekend. The Sunday blues are postponed! I originally asked to work the holiday weekend, but my boss insisted that I take it off. Smart lady.

The plan is to get the normal Sunday chores done today, so that tomorrow I'm free to do whatever I want, (any old time.) This rainy weather is not exactly motivating, but at least the laundry's getting done.

I'm working NEXT weekend so the schedule gets a bit wonky and I end up with two weekdays off this week. I'll take it!

Second breakfasts:
Hummus and carrots
Muffins with peanut butter

Monday- Chicken tacos
Tuesday- Sweet potato chili
Wednesday- Salmon + green beans
Thursday- Dirty quinoa
Friday- Tuna salad on cucumber slices
Saturday- Paninis?

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