Wednesday, September 28, 2016


gluten free menu

All right. I'm back in town and had a blast letting other people cook for me and drive me around.
Back to reality. Fortunately hubs did a tiny bit of grocery shopping while I was gone, so the kitchen wasn't a total wasteland when I arrived home. In fact, there were meat roll ups waiting for me!

Since I arrived back in town late last night, I had today off work. Rather than be productive, I took the opportunity to sleep in, read a book, laze around, and generally be a bum. That means we ordered sushi for dinner. I'll go to the grocery store tomorrow... after the dentist. Merh.

Second breakfasts:
Greek yogurt + honey, fruit, nuts

Thursday- Vegetable soup + cornbread
Friday- Tuna salad + edamame
Spaghetti + broccoli. If I can find spaghetti squash at a reasonable price, I'll use that instead of noodles.
Sunday- Black bean enchiladas (with leftover spaghetti squash hidden inside)
Salmon + cauliflower

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