Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Product Review: Glutino Dreams Zebra Cookies

I picked these up at Whole Foods for $4.69 a box. I was excited to try them so I ripped them open in the car and was happy to see that they are wrapped two at a time. I hate it when I eat a cookie or two and the rest of the package gets stale. The cookie looks pretty good, just like it does on the package.

However, I was disappointed in the taste.

I half expected them to be similar to Oreos. The taste was chocolate-like with a really strange aftertaste. I tried the chocolate cookie separate from the filling to see which one was the culprit, but they both were not very good. The filling was grainy, and the texture of the cookie itself was okay, but when paired with the strange taste these were not very good. I didn't even finish the cookie, which is rare for me. The rest will have to be made into a crust or crushed in a milkshake or something or they won't get eaten.

A treat that I like a little better from this company is the chocolate wafers. They have the similar chocolate taste, but it's not as strangely strong and the wafer texture is good.

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