Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We have some iced oatmeal cookies in the works. I saw them featured when I was watching Food Network one day and I jumped my butt up from the couch to the kitchen and started experimenting.

The first batch I pulled out of the oven had spread too much and was in a thin cookie-sheet-shaped layer and slightly burnt. I had to cut it with a pizza cutter. To my surprise, though, my friends devoured the reject "cookies." It's promising, at the very least! I changed it up and the next batch was better. I still want to change it a bit before I post them with my "jacobithe-glutenfree" stamp of yumminess. That's right, I came up with these all on my own. I'm familiar enough with cookie recipes that I know the basic ingredients, enough so I can just tweak it until it's really good. It's the first cookie recipe that I haven't followed a recipe, or adapted one of mom's to gluten free.

I think that's a sign that we're getting somewhere with this whole baking thing! *dances*

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