Saturday, June 7, 2008

more product reviews

On the list today: Gluten Free Pantry's French Bread and Pizza Mix and Nana's NO Gluten Lemon cookie.

First the bread mix.

link here:

I prepared the mix according to the package directions, and it made a pretty nice-looking loaf.

However, the taste and texture were average. The bread was dense and crumbly like every other gluten free bread I've tried, and I would not purchase the mix again. I don't know how the pizza crust would turn out, but I've had luck with other recipes so I wouldn't bother.

Next: the cookie. I found it in Smoothie King.

Link here:

The cookie itself isn't bad. It's soft and a little dense, with a subtle lemon flavor. It's actually kind of filling. It's not too sweet or overpowering, and I'd probably buy it again.

There you have it. Yay for trying new products!

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sleep(y) student said...

From one new GF to another.... Have you tried Breads from Anna (online ordering or sometimes stocked at whole foods)GF bread mix?

I cried when I made the first loaf because the slices would BEND instead of break and minimal crumbling!

Good Luck