Friday, November 7, 2008

pizza bite failures and pumpkin ice cream

I spent tonight trying to make pizza bites, somewhat like those Totino's ones. I failed!

I forgot that the dough rises, and didn't flatten it out enough. But if I flattened it out too much it would have had holes and the bites would have leaked.

I had very crust-ful pizza bites; but they were almost like mini-calzones. I could say that I was trying to make mini calzones, but I still want to figure out a way to make pizza bites.

Good thing there are things like Dreyer's Pumpkin Ice Cream on top of graham crackers to make a happy tummy. I'm serious. That stuff is awesome.


Dana Wax said...

I have never had - or heard of - Dryers. I do know Bryers though, think I could add like pumpkin butter to their vanilla ice cream and make my own impromptu pumpkin ice cream?

Just kidding :) Good luck with the next round of pizza bites when ever they happen; I'm sure you'll get it soon!

H.Peter said...

I think one of the most common mistakes for Gluten free baking and cooking is that Celiacs tend to overthink recipes.

Keep it simple and get a good flour mix.

GF Pizza is trial and error, but once you figured out your personal version, you won't think about regular Pizza anymore....