Sunday, November 23, 2008


You know how awesome it is to go through a grocery store and see the words GLUTEN FREE on an item so you don't have to read through the ingredients and wonder if "natural flavors" is going to make you sick?

Well, the news lately has been raining on my parade. A friend sent me this link from the Chicago Tribune the other day. I found another related link here. Wellshire Farms is scrutinized in this article, and I happen to have some of their chicken nuggets in my freezer right now. I came across some more articles about false food labeling via this website.

How crappy is it when you can't trust the labels that are supposed to give us confidence that the food we eat isn't going to make us sick?

Good news- the Celiac Sprue Association has news posted on their website of FDA regulation in the works.

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jill elise said...

ugh this makes me so upset!!!