Thursday, November 13, 2008

cranberry muffins with lemon icing drizzle

gluten free cranberry muffins
I stole this muffin recipe from hey, that tastes good!

Except I subbed fresh cranberries for blueberries, which I hate.

And it's not really stealing because I gave credit, so it's more like I'm promoting the recipe. Woo!

Anyway. I used half millet flour because I am still messing around with it to see what it's like in recipes.

They turned out gorgeous. When I pulled them out of the oven the berry juice was bursting from the tops in a bright red.

They were also tasty with a great texture. The top turned into a soft, tender crust.
...crust isn't the right word because when I think of crust, I think of flaky. But I can't think of anything else to describe it. It was good though.

They were a little less sweet than I would have liked, probably because the cranberries are a tad tart. So I made a lemon glaze to drizzle over the top and give it an extra kick of flavor.

The recipe made six, and four are gone. That leaves one for Ashley to snag and one for my breakfast. I guess it's better than peanut butter cookies, which I had for breakfast this morning. There's something about the combo of peanut butter cookies with coffee that is sooo good in the morning.


jill elise said...

awesome!! I'm so glad they worked out for you. I know they aren't sweet, I would probably toss in a bit more sugar next time (or eat them with honey! Yum!) but yours look great!

Amanda said...

These look divine! We must have been thinking alike, I just made a Cranberry Streusel Cake yesterday and added a little confectioner's drizzle to mine too :) In fact, I just had a piece for breakfast HA! I've been with ya on the PB Cookies for breakfast :) mmmmmmm