Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pasta Salad

I wanted to use up some perfectly ripe tomatoes before they went bad, so I made a pasta salad.

I boiled a box of rice spirals, leaving them a just a tad bit firm. I believe that's called "al dente."

I coated a few chicken breasts in chicken and italian seasonings and baked them at 350 until the juices ran clear. Tore those up into bite-sized pieces.

I cut up the tomatoes and added them in a big bowl with the pasta and chicken.

Threw in a can of red beans and some olives, drained.

To make the dressing I whisked together:

1/4 c. rice vinegar
1 T. mayo
a squirt of mustard
some pepper and salt
a dash of garlic powder
a sprinkle of italian seasonings

Then I slowly whisked in 2/3 c. olive oil until an emulsion formed. I coated and carefully stirred the dressing onto the other ingredients and sprinkled some oregano on top of it all.

I would also add other veggies, but this was all I had and it was quite good.

This is best served after it's been refrigerated.

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