Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hey, Happy Halloween week! This is coming from a chick who did absolutely nothing to celebrate Halloween this weekend like a lame-o. Except buy candy for trick or treaters, which will be left on the porch with a cute little sign because I'm working Halloween night. Here's hoping the citizens of this little town behave themselves so I don't have to issue any emergency blood.

It's going to be a weird week, working two late shifts (I see you, shift diff) and hubs will be gone for a few days. I will probably take full advantage of that and plan some kind of ladies night at my house. Nachos can feed a crowd, right??

Mom sent me home with a couple of magazines this weekend (YAY), so many of this week's meals are from Cooking Light. I may have to get a subscription because it's super easy to convert things to be GF and there are about 10 sticky flags sticking out of the November issue.

So here's the menu this week.

2nd Breakfast- Breakfast tacos- egg and salsa. NOT from the cafeteria- it's too easy to make them at home and not spend $4 on breakfast every day.

Monday- Broccoli beef baked potato
Tuesday- Chicken, ham, swiss rollups with roasted cabbage
Wednesday- Salmon + cauliflower (I swear we will eventually eat this)
Thursday- Veggie loaded pizza (adding peppers, onion, tomato, broccoli, etc to a cheese pizza madre so awesomely bought for me)
Friday- Nachos

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