Saturday, August 20, 2016

xanthan gum woes

Oh, the unique challenge of opening a new bag of xanthan gum. No matter how careful I am, everything gets a nice fine coating of... slippery.

Which is why I always transfer it to a container. It seems to contain (see what I did there?) the mess a bit better than repeatedly opening the bag.

Fortunately a bag lasts for years, so it's a rare challenge.

[Yes, I found xanthan gum for 50% off years ago and bought all the bags. It expired in 2012, but it's been in the freezer since I bought it, and works just fine!]

P.S. Isn't it odd that before Celiac-ness, I had no idea what xanthan gum was, nor did I care.
Now not only can I spell it, I know what it's for and it's a staple in my kitchen, even if it is only used in small amounts. Life sure is funny.

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