Saturday, August 6, 2016

Refried beans

I love beans. This is nothing new.

One day, a few weeks ago, I was working the weekend. Hungover, I trudged to the cafeteria to grab some food. Randomly, they were serving refried beans with breakfast. Weird, but right up my alley.

I got a scoop with some bacon and eggs, and after that my life was changed. Refried beans with breakfast is GENIUS. I was full well until lunchtime. Plus it cured any hangover I might have had.

Since then, I've been keeping my eyes open for beans at the cafeteria, but it must have been a random thing where they were trying to get rid of leftovers because I haven't seen them again.

Being the bean fiend that I am, I asked my hispanic coworker how to make refried beans. Figuring she'd be the best resource. She said all it takes is bacon grease and pinto beans. And yes, pinto beans soaked and cooked from scratch are delicious, but she also frequently makes them using canned pinto beans. Because nobody has time for that.

With that in mind, and some bacon grease on hand, I tried to make refried beans.

And it was a success. This bean-loving girl wished she made a double batch.

Refried Beans

bacon grease
1 can of pinto beans, not drained

Combine the two ingredients. Start mashing the pinto beans with the back of a spoon.

Get impatient. Transfer to a blender and blend for a few seconds with some water.
Put back into skillet.

Heat until the beans thicken up into refried beans consistency.

Taste. Add salt and maybe a bit of cumin or garlic powder to taste. The texture will continue to thicken, how quickly depends on how much water was added.

Mm. Refried bean goodness.

I'm going to make some more and bring it to work so my bean-loving (and alcohol-loving) coworker and I can enjoy a killer hangover-curing breakfast-- whether or not the cafeteria is serving refried beans with breakfast that day.

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