Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sushi Zushi

** I just came back from vacation, and this is part of a small series of restaurant reviews.

Chris has this neat app on his phone that searches for gluten free restaurants in your vicinity. One night we used it, and found ourselves at Sushi Zushi. It's a small place, located on the street level of the riverwalk.

When our waitress came by, she saw that I was looking at the gluten free section and seemed very knowledgeable about it all. It made me feel comfortable right away.

The gluten free section of the menu is very comprehensive and thorough. I was able to sneak a quick picture.

We enjoyed the edamame and ordered a few rolls, and the one containing gluten arrived on its own plate, with the sauce on the side-- just in case I changed my mind and wanted some.

I love it when I can confidently eat a meal without fear of gluten. I've found that most sushi places are pretty easy to navigate gluten-free, but this place is just that much easier.

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