Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saltgrass Steakhouse

** I just came back from vacation, and this is part of a small series of restaurant reviews.

One place that we tried during vacation was Saltgrass Steakhouse. They do not offer a gluten free menu, but that's the way it happens sometimes, right?

I notified the waitress that I would need something gluten free. She said that while they do not offer any specific dishes, she would notify the kitchen of any issues.

So, I ordered a grilled steak and shrimp, and a baked potato, requesting no seasonings or sauces. She seemed on the ball, and when the meal came, I inspected it, not wanting a repeat of Tx Land & Cattle. It all looked pretty unseasoned, so I dug in. The meal was good, especially the potato, which was the most flavorful thing. The meat was a little bland, but that was to be expected. I'd rather have bland food than gluten! Despite the lack of seasonings, it was cooked well.

Overall, I was pleased. I would not choose to go again, but I was grateful for the lack of gluten.

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