Friday, November 30, 2012

Little Aussie = GF heaven

** I just came back from vacation, and this is part of a small series of restaurant reviews.

Now it's time for the crown jewel of gluten free restaurants, and it's actually the reason I was so excited to mini-honeymoon in San Antonio.

Last year, Chris spent his precious computer time in Afghanistan to find this gluten free restaurant. It's got to be one of the sexiest things he's every done for me.

Little Aussie not only makes the BEST gluten free bread I've ever tasted, but they have a completely gluten free restaurant AND bakery. I love this place.

Do you know how freeing it is to walk into a restaurant, hungry, and pick anything off the menu? To gaze at the display case full of desserts and instead of walking away, you get to pick whatever you want? To grab the roll from the bread basket and shove it in your mouth instead of politely ignoring it? To not worry about a single thing? I'm willing to bet that if you're reading this, it's been a lonnnnng time.
(BTW, I do have better table manners than I'm suggesting)

Seriously, I was in heaven. While we were waiting to order, the owner came by with sticky bun samples. Um, YES I would like a sample! I wish I could eat there every week.

We started with dessert, of course. Mine was raspberry sponge cake and his was something chocolate & pecan.

Then we enjoyed a delicious 100% gluten free meal. I had the meat pie, and my gluten-eating husband had a sandwich on gluten free bread that was delicious. I tell you what, I even ate the leftover meat pie cold a few hours later and it was equally delicious.

Before we left, I purchased 4 loaves of bread, some rolls, and a cookie to take home.

Be still, my heart.

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