Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New store! New products! Yay!

Today I tried a new store. It's called Ranch Creek Natural Foods, and it's located at 13211 Memorial Drive, Houston TX 77079. Phone: 713-467-8900. That's for you, Erin. Haha. :o)

What an experience! First, we got lost. It's off on a little side street, and it's in a double-wide trailer. VERY easy to miss.

The guy who owns it has been there for something like 30 years, and he was a talker. He thoroughly researches everything in the store, and only stocks products that his customers actually like. It's a small store, and the man is so nice and gets to know his customers. He was telling me how a lot of his customers are children with Autism and he's been able to watch them grow up and improve.

He was also telling me how he knows Pamela (yes, that Pamela) from way back in the day, and he's also got some products I've never seen before. I didn't purchase any, so I can't remember the brand names. It was such a cool experience to talk to someone who is obviously very passionate about their business.

Also, when I was there a lady came in and she asked if I've tried the new Betty Crocker mixes, and then we got to chatting and she recommended the buns that I bought. It was so cool to be able to talk to someone who is also flabbergasted that Blue Bell chocolate ice cream contains wheat flour! It felt awesome. I also overheard them talking about someone they know who is looking into opening a gluten free bakery. Good things!!

Anyway, I only bought a couple things since I just went to the store earlier this week. I did buy:
Mary's Twigs & Sticks, Kinnickinnick KinniToos, and Schar white rolls.

I immediately tore into the cookies, and they are really good! Much better than the similar Glutino ones I tried a while back. They're just like Oreos, but better, because I can eat them!

The Sticks & Twigs were great, and taste just like the Mary's crackers. Full of little bits of crunchy healthy whole grain goodness. I noticed on the website that they have other flavors, and I'd totally try them.

I have not tried the buns yet, but both the store owner and the woman I talked to said they were great. *crosses fingers*
I have seen this Schar brand in HEB and I've tried the chocolate covered shortbread cookies. They didn't last long.

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Anonymous said...

hi jen!
you're awesome :)
first off, i have to tell you ...after you gave me the Betty Crocker lead the other daughter and i drove to that exact Kroger and hit the gf jackpot!!
as for this new store on Memorial...not sure i'll make it today :) but it will definitely be on the "to do" list.
sweeeet! i have tried the Kinnitoos and they're pretty much DEADLY.
have a great day!