Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jungle Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cake baby under blanket

I think the cake for Jen's baby shower was a success. I used Betty Crocker's gluten free yellow cake mixes and used strawberry filling. I was worried the filling would make the cake soggy, but it held up. I baked the cakes a tad longer just in case. It was quite tasty, and the whole group ate it happily. Gluten free score.

The animals, for my first time, turned out better than I expected. I had some trouble with the chocolate on the lion's face, but got the hang of it for the other animals. The mane was butterscotch, and smelled awesome. I had a great laugh at the demonic-looking monkey. The elephant was my favorite. I did him last so by that time I had the hang of it. I know the picture quality isn't great, but at that point I didn't care, I was just glad to have the cake done!

I had more planned, but I ran into some setbacks and hurriedly finished in the nick of time. It still turned out great. It was totally fun and everyone got a kick out of it, especially me!

fondant monkey
fondant lionfondant giraffe
fondant elephantgluten free baby shower jungle cake
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gluten free jungle baby shower cake
gluten free yellow cake with strawberry filling
Yum! Many many congratulations to Jen and Richard. Logan is going to be a cute fat baby and I can't wait to snuggle him. :o)


Jolynn B said...

Very cute! I cannot WAIT to find those cake mixes!

Jen said...

Yes, the cake was a huge success. My friends who came later to the shower ate the cake happily and were super impressed by the animal & leaf decorations.

And being a true Asian, my mom wants to use the animals for Logan's 1 month old birthday party LOL. So I'm freezing them :) What's funny is I had that idea before she said it first hahaha.

Richard was bowled over at them as well. He said the word "cute" a lot. A LOT. You are a baking goddess!

Melissa said...

Total success! It was delicious, and I usually don't like yellow cake. The strawberry filling was really good. I will totally hire you for all my cake needs!

Lauren said...

Wow! Your cake looks amazing =D, I love all of the animals you made!! I'm glad to hear that the Betty Crocker mixes are good, but I've yet to see them (maybe they aren't in Canada yet?).

Anonymous said...

could you post instructions for those animals?? they are too cute!!

Jungle Baby Shower Themes Lady said...

Oh I love your Jungle Baby Shower Cake, you are really creative.

You have used great colors and the cake really does look just to good to eat.

Really think this is fab.