Monday, June 29, 2009


Another gluten-free-friendly restaurant that I've heard of is Chipotle. My girlfriends and I went lunching today, but the restaurant we were going to was unfortunately closed. After walking around a bit, we decided to go to the Chipotle we saw a couple blocks away.

I knew I'd be okay because I've heard that everything in the buffet except the tortillas was gluten free. Horray for minimal cross-contamination! I ordered a burrito bowl and loaded it up with rice, beans, corn salsa, lettuce, chicken, cheese & (against my better non-dairy judgement), sour cream. It was sooo good, and it was a ton of food. I could only eat about half of it. Looking back I probably should have nixed the sour cream, but it was still very good.

And, since it was in the middle of downtown there were lots of cute guys wearing ties and slacks out to lunch as well. Gluten free food + corporate eye candy? I think that's the start of a recipe for a great lunch with the girls.

My food- before I dug in.

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mb said...

I love Chipotle! I usually have the burrito salad. It's the same as the bowl but with no rice - it's a little lighter..