Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Menu

For your inspiration!

Monday- Salami and cream cheese sandwiches (GF Wrap for me) + carrot and cucumber sticks
Tuesday- Turkey meatballs (smashed GF crackers instead of bread crumbs) + baked tomatoes
Wednesday- Pot roast + sauteed sweet potato
Thursday- Spinach artichoke pasta + broccoli
Friday- Cajun shrimp kabobs + roasted veggies (I forgot we're going camping, so most likely hot dogs and marshmallows...)

Couple pics of GF baking/cooking around here...

 Sunday breakfast. Biscuits did NOT turn out like these, but were tasty anyway.

Peanut butter cookie bonanza. 3 dozen was enough... Maybe.

1 comment:

Salami Lova said...

Salami and cream cheese? *Drool*
Post the recipe.