Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gluten free medications, changes in society

Just a quick note/rant about medications... It is incredibly frustrating when you inquire about the gluten status of a particular drug, and all the pharmacist can say is that the manufacturer doesn't provide any information about that. So then a little internet digging pulls up the inactive ingredients list, and that's all we've got. Do your research but take the chance.

Since 'gluten free' has become a trend (Much to my initial annoyance- this is not a trend for me. This is my life), there has been both an increase in awareness, and, unfortunately, misconceptions. One positive result of this trend is an increase of gluten free menus in restaurants, and many new gluten free products. These manufacturers love to jump on that bandwagon, to our benefit-- most of the time.
There are definitely a few downsides to this trend. The worst part of a "gluten free" restaurant menu is that all they have to do is slap a disclaimer on it and suddenly you're not so sure anymore. Or the menu is developed for gluten-sensitive individuals and is not recommended for those with Celiac disease. I'm talking to you, Dominos and a ton of other establishments. At least now food labeling is standardized and regulated. I have to assume that similar standards for other food products are not far behind.

So now what about medications? Many over the counter medications are clearly marked, but how can the manufacturer not provide any information about it?
Honestly though, that used to be the norm when inquiring about many products. I can't tell you how many times I've called the manufacturer only to have the representative tell me they're just not sure. It's frustrating but I could respect that.
Nowadays, with the gluten free frenzy, most companies either know, or have a statement ready to tell you that gluten is possible and it's at my risk.

So yes, the celiac community has seen some progress in society lately that have made our lives a little easier, but we've still got a longgg way to go.

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