Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Surprisingly Vegan Waffles
I received this waffle mix as part of a gluten free subscription pack my mom got me for my birthday. I usually make waffles from scratch and would never buy a packaged mix, but I figured since these were here I'd give them a try. Plus, I'm out of flour.

Overall, these are terrible. Not surprisingly.

From the moment I opened the package, I was skeptical. It comes in a vacuum-packed bag, which turns the mix into a crumbly brick. So, I transferred it to a ziplock bag and smashed out all the lumps. Or, so I thought. When I measured the mix into the bowl and added the water, I had to stir out quite a few more lumps. And yes, the package was well within the "use by" date.

The instructions tell you to wait for 5 minutes while the batter thickens, so I did that. Except it was less like thickend and more like snotty. The batter definitely took on a thicker, yet slimy-ish texture.

Still, I pressed on and poured it onto the waffle iron. The first batch apparently didn't cook long enough, because the outside was browned while the inside was still goopy and raw.

The second batch cooked enough and I let it cool before breaking it open. Still, they had that telltale rubbery texture indicative of a bad gluten free product. Not something I would ever look forward to eating.

At this point, I'm getting really tired of shitty gluten free products. I've wasted so much money on products that I think will be great, only to be disappointed. I want to tell companies not to market something unless people will actually want to eat it-- Quit exploiting our desire for gluten free normalcy with your false hopes! Don't just jump on the gluten free bandwagon to taunt those of us whose lives depend on it!

At the same time, I'm also glad that I have a good waffle recipe to use. So while the rest of this waffle mix will hit the trash soon after I hit Publish, I can still continue to enjoy edible gluten free waffles.

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