Thursday, January 9, 2014

On the Menu: Fish & Squash

On the menu tonight: Fish & squash.

This is really quick. It was done in the time it would take to order a pizza and have it delivered, but way healthier. Bonus: lunch leftovers, which are kind of a necessity when you're eating a gluten free diet, and on a budget.

There are basically three components to every dinner I make: meat, veggie, sometimes a starch, and a salad. [I haven't really ventured into meatless territory because I'm still getting used to cooking for a husband that likes his meaty protein. I do, too, but I'd also like to mix it up every once in a while.]
I like to make fish when I don't want to spend much time in the kitchen, because it cooks very quickly on the stovetop.

  • The fish was bought from the fish counter at the grocery store, already seasoned. On sale, it was cheaper than frozen, and I don't have to worry about how to season it. Cooked in a pan according to the package directions.
  • Veggies- Fresh zucchini and yellow squash, cut up kinda thin. After the fish was cooked, I added a bit of rosemary olive oil to the pan, and tossed in the veggies with a sprinkle of salt & pepper. These veggies also cook up quickly, so they were done by the time the fish was down to eating temperature. Next time I'd like to grate a little bit of fresh parmesan on top. 
    • A little note about parmesan cheese: Invest in a chunk of the real stuff, and grate it off the chunk as you need it. It's infinitely better than that nasty powdered stuff, and it keeps for a while in the fridge.
  • Salad- we're eating salads with every dinner now in an effort to eat more vegetables. This particular salad consists of a bagged spring medley, plus pieces of kale and shredded carrot. (We're digging caesar dressing lately.)


Suzy :) said...

lol kale; I'm so glad you, mom & smash are getting into my hippie health ways :)

Yo otha sista said...

Salads with every meal. I did that for a while. Might do it again. Glad you found a GF caesar dressing you like!