Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ruggles Green

Last night I FINALLY tried Ruggles Green, who I've heard for years has had a gluten free menu, or at least gluten free menu items.

I hit the location at City Centre and happened to choose an incredibly busy time. I ordered the gluten free fish tacos, and was slightly worried that because they were so busy that the gluten-free-ness might be overlooked.

When the server brought the tacos, I asked him if they were gluten free and he said yes. I was skeptical, but then, when he set the plate down, I was surprise to see this:

Tucked under my tacos were little notes stating that they were prepared gluten free! Way to give me peace of mind, Ruggles Green. I dug in and they were delicious.

I will definitely go back, to try the rest of their gluten free fare; some of it looks really good.

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