Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bob's GF Brownie Mix

So last night I crashed a casual dinner party of sorts. It wasn't a gluten free meal, so I brought my own meal* and joined in on the fun. This is why my friends are awesome, haha. Even more awesome was the gluten free dessert, Gluten Free Brownies from Bob's Red Mill.

I'm not including a picture because we all know what brownies look like, and I can't find my camera.

So how were they? I thought they were good. They've got a richer chocolate texture than most brownies and a cake-like texture. There were a couple comments from the gluten-eaters that they were slightly grainy, and that they left kind of a slimy aftertaste (presumably from the xanthan gum and various starches?) but I guess I'm just used to that kind of thing because I didn't really notice it until it was pointed out.

I'd say they are my third favorite brownies, under Nestle's and Betty Crocker's- which has little tiny chocolate chips in it.

*I absolutely LOVE Amy's gluten free frozen meals. Especially the enchiladas- the sauce is amazing. The baked ziti is fantastic, too. As is the mac n cheese. I don't think I've ever tried anything bad from Amy's; those are just my favorites.

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