Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Berry Green Tea

summer berry green tea
I feel lame posting a "recipe" for tea, but it's sooo good and refreshing, and good for you with all the antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin c. It's naturally sweet, and the tea gives it a slight bite.

To make it, boil 4 cups of water, and add it to a pitcher that contains 4 or 5 green tea bags. Let it steep for a while, so the tea brews good and strong. Add 2 cups of 100% juice (I used Juicy Juice Berry). Let it cool and stir before you serve it over ice.

That's it!


Amy Green (Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free) said...

I am passing on a blog award - it was neat for me to think about the bloggers that have touched my heart in one way or another. You have, so I'm passing on an award that was given to me.

You can retrieve it at my blog: Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free

Thanks for sharing yourself in a way that has enhanced my life - you are all incredible women & I'm so glad that we've crossed paths, even if it is all "virtual."


Lauren said...

Sounds yummy to me =D.

NaTy said...

hi jen!
no, that tea is definitely blog worthy. :) especially with these insanely HOT houston days.
i love green and white tea!
erin @ glutenfreewithapurpose