Monday, August 3, 2009

Purely Decadent Key Lime Pie (& oats!!)

I had an interesting trip to Whole Foods today.

First, I found gluten free oats! Yay, they're back! It has been a very long time since I've had any, because our local distributor stopped shipping them or something. I am very glad they're back. I am eager to try this new brand, because all I've tried are Bob's Red Mill, and they sometimes had random hard pieces throughout the soft oatmeal. I guess they were part of the oat plant or something, but it was very disturbing getting something hard in your oatmeal. In my head I was paranoid they were bugs or something, and it kinda ruined it for me.

Second, they were out of potato starch. What a strange thing to run out of.

Third, I got some of that Key Lime Purely Decadent dairy free ice cream. For some reason they've been out every time I've gone looking. But today, the dairy free ice cream gods were on my side. They were on sale. Plus, I had a coupon.

So how was this long-awaited ice cream? Disappointing.

After my first bite, I noticed that it had that same, too-sweet taste to it that the cookie dough flavor had. There are brown sugar/ cinnamonish swirls that are good, but are a bit overkill in some bites, and non-existent in other bites. There are also random huge balls of 'graham cracker.' Can't decide if those were good or bad.

That all would have been forgiveable if the key lime flavor was pronounced at all. I was hoping for a great, tart lime flavor, but I could barely taste the lime part! It seemed like the sweetness completely overpowered the individual flavors and all you could taste was sweet.

I could have gone with a sherbert or sorbet, sprinkled some graham cracker crumbs in it, and gotten a way better key lime pie flavor.

This is not to say that overall, the ice cream doesn't have a pleasant taste and texture. I am just very disappointed with the execution and was expecting something very different. I will probably finish the rest of it here and there, but won't buy it again.

Man, I hate to end on a bad note here.

I think I'm going to have chips & salsa for dinner. :o)


christina said...

Wow, I couldn't disagree with you more. I love Purely Decadent key lime pie flavor, and I really like the cookie dough flavor, too. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Karen said...

I recently bought the blueberry cheesecake and feel kind of similar. I'm gonna do a post on it. Oh--and cool blog!