Sunday, February 1, 2015

This week's menu

Back at it!
This week's menu: Based on what meat I could locate in the freezer, and the fresh produce that was already in the fridge. Aimed for a very low grocery bill this week. Lacking creativity for a meatless meal... good thing those ravioli Ash picked up for me are GF!

Monday- Ravioli with tomato pesto (from a jar- no shame!) and broccoli
Tuesday- Roasted chicken with sauteed sweet potato and cauliflower
Wednesday- Chicken tortilla soup
Thursday- Sauteed shrimp and any remaining fresh veggies into a stir-fry type of thing. Maybe with brown rice?
Friday- Originally planned on leftovers but might have friends over so I'll have to think of something to cook... I'm thinking Chris should grill some already seasoned chicken that I know is in the freezer somewhere, plus a link of the deer sausage... and those awesome grilled baked potatoes. And blackberry cobbler for dessert. There. Done.

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