Saturday, January 31, 2015

Last week's menu

Sorry, for the hiatus, Ash.
Yes, we've been eating! It's just been random and uninspired. Last week was pretty cool, though.

Monday- Pesto Chicken with zucchini noodles
Tuesday- Turkey & cheese roll ups (recipe still in progress) with glazed carrots
Wednesday- Meatless chili (ie: bean soup with veggies) with cornbread
Thursday- Grilled steaks and potatoes with broccoli. LOVE it when hubs does this. Plus the baked potatoes he makes are pretty bomb. He coats them with olive oil, course salt, and pepper before wrapping them in foil and grilling them.
Friday- Fish with sauteed sweet potato

Everything went pretty much the way it was planned, except hubs pointed out that I made 2 "MRE" meals (Pesto chicken and vegetarian chili) and I guess that's a bad thing. I thought they were pretty tasty but after months and months of repetitively eating shelf-stable versions of these dishes, I suppose I'd get pretty tired of the taste, too.

The roll ups were good in theory but the Pillsbury GF pizza dough I used was pretty old so it didn't rise and the dough was pretty yucky. Will try again. Because my sweet sister bought me 2 packages and I froze one. Which is also a gamble but we'll try it!

Friday I came home without an appetite so I had cornbread with lots of butter and Chris ate leftover steak. Plus I don't really know where the fish is- I'm assuming it's in the outside freezer but right now it's essentially a giant block of deer meat so good luck finding it!