Sunday, October 19, 2014

This Week's Menu

We had very little variation in the menu for a few weeks because I wasn't feeling that great and nothing got made. Chris lived on sandwiches for a while and when I made tuna melts he pointed out that it was still, in fact, a sandwich. The horror!

However, the appetite is coming back and we have food again!
PS. Since I am a woman of childbearing age, any change in appetite is immediately met with an eyebrow raise and a question about the state of my uterus. I have digestive issues, folks. This is a blog born straight out of that particular necessity. Not pregnant, for the record. Also good news, I can drink again, yay!

Anyway, food!

Mon- Crock Pot Pork and mashed potatoes
Tues- Cajun shrimp and rice with roasted veggies
Wed- Rotisserie Chicken (In the crock pot!) with glazed carrots
Thurs- Veggie pizzas
Fri- Chicken Pot Pie

P.S. This Balsamic Mushroom Chicken recipe was on last week's menu and it was fantastic.

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