Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Week's Menu

For your inspiration... 2 weeks!

Week 1:

Last Sunday I spent with my sisters and nephew, so there was no time to document the week's menu. Thankfully, I took a picture before my sister wrote inappropriate things all over it, ha.

Monday- Honey Sesame Chicken + mixed vegetables
Tuesday- BBQ ribs + roasted potatoes
Wednesday- Big salads
Thursday- Pork chops + glazed carrots
Friday- Grilled fish
[We had enough leftovers from M-W that we did not get around to making RF's meals]

Week 2:

I have a potato and a zucchini that are looking a little sad, so they must be eaten this week. Plus, leftover toppings in the freezer from pizza night several weeks ago, and sloppy joes just sound good.

Monday- Dinner @ baseball game- Either nachos or a baked potato...
Tuesday- Pizza + salad, or possibly dinner with a friend
Wednesday- Pork chops + cheesy zucchini rice
Thursday- Sloppy joes + potato rounds
Friday- Grilled salmon + glazed carrots
Weekend- Black bean tacos, Turkey wraps

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