Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quick Potato Soup

We got a bag of Simply Potatoes free with bacon at the grocery store.

We also have the last few cool days before it gets to be a million degrees. Rather than cook these up for breakfast, I threw them into a pot and made some potato soup-- really quick.

Quick Potato Soup

Throw in a medium pot:

1 bag of Simply Potatoes (I used Steakhouse seasoned diced potatoes)
crumbled cooked bacon
chopped green onions
enough milk to just barely cover the potatoes

Cover and simmer until the potatoes are tender. Mash them up a little bit with a pastry blender or potato masher. Top with shredded cheese.

The idea was that because the potatoes are already seasoned, I wouldn't have to add any seasoning.
I was right, but it was also pretty salty. I suppose that's what you get for something that is supposed to be "Simple" but ends up tasting pretty processed.

This is actually the second time (and second flavor) of these potatoes that I don't particularly like. There's something in there that tastes bitter to me. Hubs seems to like it, though. Am I crazy?

Either way, they were free and it was quick.

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