Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pamela's Peanut Butter Cookies

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This box of cookies came in a gluten free gift basket of goodies I got for Christmas. This is the first time I've tried Pamela's cookies. I usually make my own because they're so simple, but sometimes it is nice to have cookies without any waiting or dishes.

I was excited because peanut butter cookies are my favorite.
So how did I like them? To be honest, I didn't. Not at all.

I didn't like them for two main reasons.

1. They were chewy, but a little -too-chewy. The texture wasn't pleasing; something was a little off, like I was chewing on candy or something other than a cookie.

2. They didn't taste enough like peanut butter. It was more like a hint of peanut butter. I like my peanut butter cookies to have that rich peanut butter taste.

So, the extra-chewy texture combined with the so-so peanut butter flavor didn't really rock my socks. It may be that I'm just a picky peanut butter cookie person, but I wouldn't spend my money on them.

Does anyone disagree, or have any other Pamela's cookie products they recommend?


Castal said...

I don't like any of the regular sized Pamela's cookies BUT the mini cookies are awesome. The chocolate cookies taste like the oreo cookies, they have the best gingersnaps ever (not the big ones, only the little mini-cookies), and the chocolate chip minis are great too!

I like their chocolate cake mix as well, made with sour cream, but it really is good on its own. I am not sure if it is worth the price, but it really is great and freezes wonderfully for future munching. Ignore their frosting and white cake mixes as the frosting is basic frosting (no gluten there) and the white cake mix is waaaay to sweet and gummy.

I have tried most of their big box cookies and I have been less than impressed with all of them... and threw out most of them to be honest. Look for the little plastic bags to find their real goodies, they more than make up for the lousy big ones. (I recommend a nice hot cup of black tea with the gingersnaps!)

Happy munching!

Jenna said...

I like her chocolate shortbread swirl cookie (nice, a bit crumbly - but that the nature of shortbread - not too sweet... a good snack with my afternoon cup of tea.) but the others? Not so much. Either too sweet, weird off flavors, and than there is the nut issue. Same problem I have with her pancake/baking mix - Almonds = no go for me.

All in all? Personally, at $4-$6 a box for 9 cookies? I'll just make my own. Or buy a nice chocolate bar.