Thursday, January 14, 2010

Enjoy Life Granola- New and Improved

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The first time I tried this stuff, I was very fresh off the diagnosis train and thought it was horrible. Terrible. Worst cereal I'd ever tried. Clusters that were dry and strangely moist at the same time, with a terrible fake fruit and bitter taste. I threw it away with a sinking celiac heart.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when my mom saw a few gluten free things on sale and bought them just because they were on sale. This granola was part of that purchase, and I cringed when I saw the bag.

But, I decided to open it just for kicks. When I looked inside, I noticed that it looked different. So I tried some and oh my gosh, it was good! Nice and crispy like granola should be.

I don't know if the first box I tried was bad or what, but this granola is very much New and Improved. It's a completely different cereal and I really like it, especially on yogurt. The bag says there are pieces of freeze dried fruit, but they are not really noticeable. Either way, Yum.

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Lauren said...

I love it when rediscovered snacks are so much better! With GF, it seems like they get better every so often =D.