Monday, October 5, 2009

Simple Joys: Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Giveaway!

I was kinda tired and grouchy this morning, but then I was pretty darn excited to receive this Simple Joys prizepack from MyBlogSpark. (Seriously, go join!)

The first thing I noticed was the packages of fruit snacks had 'Gluten Free' right on the package. Horray for no guesswork! The treats included Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Roll Ups, and these neat "Build a Bug" fruit snacks. TOO cute.

I loved the gushers. They remind me of when I was a kid and mom would bring them home as a special treat. Of course we'd gobble them up in 5 minutes.

I remember everyone would also have a fruit roll up packed in their lunches at the lunch table, and we'd always wrap them around our fingers and suck on them until they were just slobbery disgusting messes. But when you're a kid, that doesn't matter.
So yeah, these packages totally brought me back.

It also came with some toys: a yo yo, a pickup stick game, and a frisbee. I immediately tried the yo yo, and to my surprise I didn't suck too bad- I could actually bring it all the way back up!
I've never tried pick up stick; thank goodness that comes with instructions. And right now I'm wishing I had someone around to play frisbee with.
This package was too much fun.

Also, one person will get a prize pack!! Yay!
It includes 2 packages of Betty Crocker fruit-flavored snacks, a retro Pick 'em up Sticks game, a light up yo yo, and a classic frisbee. This fall weather is perfect for tossing a frisbee around. When's the last time you played with a yo-yo? I'm telling you, it just takes a few minutes and you're instantly in a better mood.

To enter to win, just leave a comment with your favorite Simple Joys. I really want to hear them! You have until Friday to enter. Good luck!



Dude...thats awesome!!! Betty Crocker hooked you up on the Gluten Free Fuit Snacks!!! The Pack sounds awesome!

My favorite Simple Joys...hmmm...there are so many Simple Joys. But I suppose my favorite Simple Joy would be giving something, anything, to someone else. If I give something to someone else, I just cheer up inside. I like that I spent the time thinking about the person, what they like, what they don't like, what they like to do, who they like to do things with etc. It can be a gift, a joke, a smile, a food could be anything that helps make their day a little brighter and thus makes mine brighter knowing that their's is aswell. Too Cheesy?

Cindy said...

My favorite simple joy is seeing my kids smile and laugh. Whether they're licking icing off a spoon or we're playing around they just really brighten up my day.

Anna said...

noticing a small detail of something in the present that evokes memories of something in the past - not in a sappy emotional way, but gushers --> the elementary school cafeteria or the smell of cut grass --> the cheers my t-ball team would make up to urge on our friends at bat. who would've thought those 5-year-olds' insignificant things would make me smile so many years later!

Lauren said...

My simple joy is laying on the beach listening to the waves splash. A time to escape away from the stresses of everyday life.

Steph said...

My simple joy is snuggling with my little guys! There's nothing better!