Saturday, March 14, 2009

Strawberry Pancakes

gluten free strawberry pancakes
I've tried a lot of bad gluten free pancakes.

But today, this dreary, cold and rainy day, I am feasting on pancakes that taste like pancakes. PLUS strawberries. How could you go wrong?

This recipe adds strawberry preserves to give the pancakes a uniform strawberry taste in addition to the pieces of fruit. I think they're sweet enough to not need syrup, but they're not so sweet they give you a sugar rush first thing in the morning.

Strawberry Pancakes

1 c. flour mix
1 T. sugar
3/4 t. baking powder
shake of salt
1/3 c. fresh/frozen fruit, chopped and sweetened to taste
1 beaten egg
2 T. oil (I used extra virgin olive oil because that's all I had- it worked great)
1 T. strawberry preserves
3/4 c. milk

Preheat your griddle/ pan to medium-medium high. It's ready when you sprinkle water on it and the drops dance around for a few seconds before disappearing. I keep my griddle a little lower than I'd use for regular pancakes. I've found gluten free pancakes need to cook a tad bit longer and if the griddle's hotter, they burn before they're cooked.

Mix the dry ingredients and set aside. Mix the wet ingredients except for the fruit. Mix them all together with a whisk. You can mix the heck out of these; no worries about tough pancakes because there is no gluten!

If you're not using a non-stick pan, grease it up. Using a ladle or 1/4 c. measuring cup, scoop some batter onto the pan. Spread it around a little to ensure that the pancake is not too thick. You want to see a couple bubbles coming up in the interior of the pancake or the middle won't get done. When the pancake looks set enough to flip it, flip it and let it cook a few minutes.

Dust hot pancakes with powdered sugar... and savor them. Also, try this basic gluten free pancake.

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Anonymous said...

i'm glad i wasn't the only one feeling the effects of the weather lately :)
-erin @glutenfreewithapurpose