Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls = love

gluten free cinnamon rollsphoto courtesy of my sister Suzy
the small picture doesn't do it justice-
click on it to see the larger view
and soak in the cinnamon sugary goodness

Something made me want cinnamon rolls. And I am SO glad I made these. They're fantastic. Way better than any other recipe I've tried. I never thought of using brown sugar in the filling, and it makes them so gooey and yummy. I used a smallish pan so they aren't as spread out as they normally would be, but I've already had two...

It's Roben Ryberg's recipe from The Gluten Free Kitchen, except I used 1/3 c. millet flour and 2/3 c. corn starch instead of 1 c. corn starch. I've made several things using that book, and I recommend it. My only issue is that the recipes use mainly starches, but you can experiment and substitute with more healthy flours. The recipes themselves are pretty solid.

You can find this recipe in the book or over at I am Gluten Free.

The rest of the pan is calling me... must resist!


Dana aka Gluten Free In Cleveland said...

You're right, the enlarged pictured looks AMAZING.

Beautiful job. And you've made me completely crave these rolls. YUM

Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

That was naughty to post such a large, tasty picture :) I just drooled on my computer monitor! Oh how I miss cinnamon rolls - I will have to try these out!

Gina said...

Oh, my! I love cinnamon rolls and I haven't had a good one since I went gluten-free. I'm definitely trying this one!

Absolutely Not Martha said...

just discovered your delicious blog and thought you may like to check out mine some time. :)