Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and I'm chowing down on my most favorite cookie ever. Seriously, I'd be embarassed to tell you how many I've eaten. That's okay, my personal trainer kicked my ass today.

I'm super, SUPER excited. The Man and I did Christmas early this year, and he got me a waffle maker. It's one of those gadgets/ appliances that I've always wanted but could never justify buying one for myself. Kind of like that ice cream maker I finally broke down and bought, then used once.

This will be different though. I can not WAIT to start making waffles.

And, AND, my mom bought me some Kinnicknick CHOCOLATE DONUTS for breakfast tomorrow. I haven't even seen them in the stores, she just magically found them. Awesome. I hope they're as good as they look.

Well, I'm done talking about stuffing my face. Merry Christmas!

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