Sunday, December 14, 2008

Glutino Vegetable and EngerG Crackers

My 100th post (woo!) will be about crackers.

There has been a cracker drought at my house lately because I'm too lazy to go to the store. My awesome sister got me a Whole Foods gift card for my birthday, so I figured it was time to stock up a little. I got some Vans blueberry waffles, some Glutino sesame bagels, and these crackers. It will be my first time to try all of these products, and I'm excited!

The Glutino Vegetable Crackers were 4.99, but are 3.99 on this website.
The EngerG crackers were 3.99 but are 4.65 on the website.
The Vans Blueberry waffles were 3.19 but are 3.59 on this website.
And the Glutino Sesame Bagels were 5.69 but are 6.99 on this website. I plan to use these for sandwiches.

I tore into the Glutino crackers as soon as I got into the car. I was expecting them to be a tad buttery, but they aren't. You can really taste the spices in the cracker. It tastes almost like a pizza flavor, but without that tangy tomato. They are flaky and have the same texture as the original flavor. These crackers would be FAB with a cream cheese spread or even tuna salad. I will definitely be buying them again.

The EngerG crackers come in a flat square. The picture's a little fuzzy but I needed to hurry because my camera batteries were dying. The texture of these crackers is a little more dense and less flaky. They're thinner, and have kind of a crunchy texture. They almost taste like sesame, but there isn't any mentioned in the ingredients. They are kinda blah, which makes them a good cracker to pair with cheese. I don't know if I'll buy these again.

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