Monday, April 4, 2016

This week's menu

I had a really good menu last week. It had variety and imagination and I forgot to do my thing here with it. My bad. It had lettuce wraps and fantastic salads and [something else that I forgot] then we went out to eat steaks on Thursday and crawfish on Friday. It was a good week.

THIS week. We have food on the menu. And yet another big bag of kale to use up before it gets funky. Story of my life.

Monday- Veggie chicken alfredo (re: stick as many veggies as you can into the alfredo sauce. Kale, broccoli, peas) 
Tuesday- Crock pot beef with peppers and quinoa with edamame*
Wednesday- BIG salads because KALE needs to be eaten. Also some romaine.
Thursday- Beefy baked potatoes*
Friday- Buffalo chicken waffle bites

*Ideas I came up with in my head and I'm not sure a recipe exists yet. Logically, I should post them if they're good. Realistically, I set myself up for a shepherd's pie recipe a few weeks back and I made it and I ate it, but completely spaced out on posting it. So there's that.

Gotta work this weekend so there will likely be another menu for the next chunk of work days starting Thursday. Peace out.

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