Thursday, March 17, 2016


When I work the weekend, I need dinner leftovers for lunch. I can't plan a new week's menu and go grocery shopping when I'm working. So, out of necessity, this week starts on a Friday.

This week's inspiration comes from a few random sources:
  • Aldi sells some great gluten free wraps. They're pliable, big... and about to get stale. So- wraps for dinner!
  • I had the southwest eggrolls at Ashley's house and they were really good. They were also happily eaten by her 3-year old and got a "good dinner" from her husband. With reviews like that, how can I NOT make them at my house?
  • We started talking about Shepherd's pie in the break room at lunch the other day. Great idea! I plan to make this ahead using the leftovers from meatloaf night. I'm so resourceful.
  • Friday I'm declaring an EAT OUT night because this is going to be a long week and I'm going to be tired by the end of it. Did I mention I'll be going in at 5am most of the week? I haven't done that in years, for good reason. I'm not pretty at 5am.
Friday- Wraps + carrot chips
Saturday- Vegetable soup + grilled cheese
Sunday- Saucy sausage + polenta
Monday- Avocado BLT salads
Tuesday- Meatloaf + mashed potatoes + carrots
Wednesday- Southwest eggrolls
Thursday- Shepherd's pie
Friday- OUT!

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